STORM & OPTi DHC projects meet in Stuttgart!

STORM & OPTi DHC projects met in Stuttgart, Germany. The meeting has acted as a catalyst to provide cooperation between the two projects.

On the 10th of December 2015, the STORM project coordinator Johan Desmedt attended a project meeting of the H2020 OPTi project in Stuttgart, Germany.

Johan presented the aim and objectives of the STORM project, while the project coordinator Wolfram Birk presented the OPTi project details.
The H2020 OPTi project aspires to create a long-lasting impact by rethinking the way DHC systems are designed and controlled. The objective is to create business benefits for the industry as well as to ensure optimal end-consumer satisfaction. OPTi shall deliver methodologies and tools that will enable accurate modelling, analysis and control of current and envisioned DHC systems. The methodology shall be deployed both on a complete system level, and on the level of a building(s). To this end, the project aims to use predictive control and automated heat Demand/Response methods, while exploiting passive heat storage capabilities. The two demo sites in the OPTi project are: Luleå Pilot (Sweden) and the Son Llatzer hospital in Palma de Mallorca (Mallorca). For more information and details please go to:


Possible collaborations between the envisioned DHC systems were discussed such as, knowledge sharing, collaboration during the E-energy conference, and mutual benefits of self learning algorithms and business models on DHC networks.

The general agreement is that this first meeting has acted as a catalyst to provide cooperation between the two projects.