The STORM controller

The STORM controller is a state-of -the-art smart district heating and cooling grid management system, based on self-learning algorithms. It includes modules for forecasting, planning and dispatching heating and cooling management actions. The control strategies benefit the whole energy chain, spanning from energy generation and distribution to end-user consumption.

The controller can be applied in a multitude of different conventional and new 4th generation heating and cooling networks. Its generic functionality is guaranteed by a number of features:

  • add-on to existing network controllers and SCADA-systems
  • open-source communication protocols
  • self-learning algorithms to prevent model tuning
  • multiple thermal storage concepts
  • multiple control strategies
  • 3rd and 4th generation demonstration sites

STORM version 1 and version 2

After extensive testing and some early test versions, the first version of the STORM controller was finalised in 2016. It has been consequently activated in the demonstration sites. This first version focused on further developing models for the Forecaster and Tracker functionality, while keeping a basic version of the Planner.

The second version of STORM, launched during 2017, incorporates a more advanced version of the Planner while also seeing upgrades for both the Forecaster and Tracker. The demo sites were updated with the new version during the course of 2017. Check out how well the controller performed here.

Find out more about the controller modules (forecaster, tracker and planner) and the different control strategies!