Main modules

The modular architecture and design of the STORM controller facilitates an agile development process and continuous deployment in operational systems. This made it possible to use initial innovations and research results in industial projects even during the early stages of the STORM project. The three main modules of the STORM controller are the Energy Forecaster, the Operational Optimisation Planner and the Demand-Side Management Tracker. Together they compile the functionality of the STORM controller.

Forecast illustration


The Forecaster answers questions related to what will happen in the future, while, based on this forecast, the Planner is responsible for answering the question about what the controller wants to happen. The Tracker then makes sure that these things happen, while guaranteeing security of supply and continuous quality of service throughout the energy system.

Forecaster: “What will the energy consumption of the network be for the next 24h?”

Planner: “Given the control objectives (peak shaving/electricity market interaction/cell balancing), which optimal cluster consumption profile can be achieved, taking into account this forecast?”

Dispatcher-Tracker: “Which individual control signals are necessary to follow/track the optimal consumption profile?”