Project partners

STORM project coordinator – M. Johan Desmedt

VITO stimulates the sustainable development and reinforces the economic and social position by providing innovative technological solutions and scientific advice and support. Energyville (EV) is a cooperation between VITO, the University of Leuven and R&D center Imec.

NODA provides the market with cutting edge intelligent energy systems, and takes a leading role in designing the new sustainable smart energy landscape by combining system scale optimization with energy efficiency services for buildings.

Mijnwater is a DHC-grid operator in Heerlen (NL). Founded to exploit geothermal energy from the underground reservoir formed by abandoned coalmines, it is running a 4th generation DHC grid for 500.000 m2 commercial buildings and 300 dwellings.

Växjö Energi provides products and services in the areas of electricity, district heating and district cooling in Växjö Municipality (Sweden). Additional offers include broadband, which is provided at several locations in Kronoberg through the subsidiary company Wexnet. Växjö Energi also provides nearby communities (Braås, Ingelstad and Rottne) with district heating through local bio-fuel production plants.

Euroheat & Power is an international association representing the District Heating and Cooling and Combined Heat and Power sector in Europe and beyond. The DHC+ Technology platform, a part of Euroheat & Power, leads the dissemination and exploitation activities in the project.

Zuyd University of Applied Sciences’ nine faculties provide the link between education, research and life-long learning. Amongst others, their expertise lies in projects contributing to innovations in the built environment; new products, processes and systems that have a positive contribution towards the transition to a zero impact built environment.