A step towards exploiting the STORM controller: NODA-Schäfer cooperation

NODA Deutschland GmBH is now cooperating with Schäfer GmbH. For STORM, this development means a first step towards exploiting the STORM controller.

NODA Deutschland GmBH, a subsidiary of ‘NODA Intelligent Systems AB’ (a partner of the STORM project), is now cooperating with Schäfer GmbH . Together, they are targeting the district heating market in Germany.

The agreement to cooperate has been reached in February 2016. It is based on NODA’s expertise in offering solutions for optimising district heating grids and energy efficiency in buildings.

The collaboration promises several advantages: a control and monitoring system for energy heating networks, real-time optimization and load balancing of schemes.

With regards to the STORM controller, NODA intends to use it as part of their Smart Heat Grid solution. Hence, the STORM controller will benefit the NODA-Schäfer agreement as well as all upcoming NODA grid cooperations. More specifically, the STORM controller will help to reduce costs and the environmental footprint of buildings. At the same time, it can produce accurate accounting reports and provide higher reliability.

For STORM, this development means a first step towards exploiting the project results.

Therefore, this cooperation between Schäfer and NODA is in line with the previous NODA cooperation with Incowia (a specialist in data integration solutions). It will guarantee their customers an optimal grid and heating service from one independent energy efficiency expert.