Open Day at Rottne District Heating Plant

STORM project partner Växjö Energi, organises an open house on 26th of August with guided tours to the local district heating plant in Rottne.

The local heating plant in Rottne, a city close to Växjö, is one of STORM’s demo sites and this year the plant has its twenty year anniversary!

To celebrate this, STORM project partner Växjö Energi, organises an open house on 26th of August. During that day you can experience guided tours of the local heating plant and you can find out how the production works, as well as learn about the impact of the smart district heating controller.

The visits target customers of the heating network and other interested locals, as well as local policy-makers, industry experts and professionals working on energy efficiency and renewables.


The open house will take place on Saturday 26th of August from 10:00  to 15:00.

About the Rottne district heating plant

Rottne district heating plant – fossile-free heat production for a better future
The plant was put into operation in 1998 and currently supplies approximately 180 customers in Rottne. The heat production is completely fossil-free, reducing the impact on the environment. Växjö Energi participates in the EU project STORM, which aims to use biofuels in a smarter manner with a control system that can optimise the biofuel use.
The Rottne district heating plant has heated homes for twenty years, including apartments and commercial spaces, where the largest customer is Vidingehem. The grid has a length of 10 383 meters and a volume of 64 m³.


More details (in Swedish): Factsheet Rottne