Great interest in the STORM controller during Open Day in Rottne

The local heating plant in Rottne is one of STORM’s demo sites and this year the plant celebrated its twenty year anniversary with an open day!

The local heating plant in Rottne, a city close to Växjö, is one of STORM’s demo sites and this year the plant celebrated its twenty year anniversary! To celebrate this, STORM project partner Växjö Energi, organised an open day at the plant.

Many visitors were interested in how the production works as well as the impact of the smart district heating controller, says Peter Philipsson, section manager for local production of district heat at Växjö Energi.

Curious about the bath temperature
Peter Philipsson and his colleague Sandra Fredriksson where having guided tours during the whole day on the open house. One of the youngest visitors was Alva, who came together with her mom. Alva was curious about the water in the bathtub, and asked: “Does the water get cold when you send out less heat to the house?” Peter Philipsson calmed her by answering that the hot water doesn’t get affected by the control.

Taking responsibility for the environment
Visitor Gerd Svensson thought that we took a great responsibility for the environment by running the plant only with renewable energy. It is nice that Växjö Energi thinks about future generations, says Gerd Svensson.


Great interest in the STORM controller
Another visitor at the heating plant asked if you could feel a noticeable difference indoors when the temperature reduction was made by the STORM controller. Sandra and Peter explained that the goal is that the customer does not feel any difference.


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