Event: Smart Energy for Smart Living

The breakfast event 'Smart Energy for Smart Living' on digitalisation of decentralised energy systems will take place on 4 April in Brussels.

Euroheat & Power/DHC+ Technology Platform (STORM partner) has teamed up with DIGITALEUROPE, the association representing the digital technology industry, to organise the breakfast event ‘Smart Energy for Smart Living’. It is part of their event series Digital in Practice Programme (DiPP). STORM partners NODA Intelligent Systems (CTO Christian Johansson) and Euroheat & Power (Managing Director Paul Voss) will share insights on how digitalisation changes the district heating landscape.

Date and time: 4 April 2017, 08:30 – 10:00, Brussels

Registration is free: The number of seats is limited. Please register online before 2 April here.


The energy transition never quite quit making the headlines: the European Commission’s ‘Clean Energy for all Europeans’ package published in November 2016 tries to make the most of two trends poised to reshape – disrupt, if combined – the energy landscape: decentralisation and digitalisation.

On procuring from a wide variety of sustainable sources, regional and local energy systems can ensure optimal use of infrastructures and other local resources. How does this work in practice? ICT-enabled systems help reduce energy dependency while boosting efficiency and decarbonisation. Buildings and other infrastructures such as water supply and sewage systems communicating with each other optimize consumption and supply while providing more comfort. At local level, heat turns into energy source or storage medium; cross-city energy flows, be it electricity, heating or gas, are to be optimized too. Smart controllers, known to provide trouble-free and energy-efficient network operation while empowering consumers, will enable district heating systems to adjust their supply to accurately planned demand based on weather forecasts and self-learning algorithms.

The future looks bright, technology is here to grab, what are we waiting for? Are citizens, regions keen to foster this change? Is the current regulatory framework fit to steer it in the right direction? We are pleased to invite you to help draw the picture of a digitally-powered, fully sustainable local energy future, together with the distinguished experts that have agreed to launch this conversation:

– Sylvain Robert, Policy Officer, DG Energy
– Bertrand Deprez, VP EU Government Affairs Strategy, Schneider Electric
– Christian Johansson, CTO, NODA Intelligent Systems
– Paul Voss, Managing Director, Euroheat & Power
– Frauke Thies, Executive Director, Smart Energy Demand Coalition

– John Higgins, Director General, DIGITALEUROPE


About DiPP

The Digital in Practice Programme aims to make a case for the digital industry and to evidence the transformative impact of digital products and services. By fostering short, crisp and open debates between leading experts and interested guests, our workshops afford the industry, policy makers and other key stakeholders a powerful educational platform where to share information and discuss informally how a truly ICT-enabled Europe will look like.