Control strategies

The STORM controller can be applied in different settings and contexts, using three different kinds of control strategies.

Peak shavingPeak Shaving

In conventional 3rd generation networks with a small sustainable energy source (e.g. biomass boiler, heat pump) and a large fossil back-up, the controller can drastically reduce the use of fossil fuel.


Market interaction

Market Interaction

For networks coupled to the electric grid either through heat pumps or CHP (Combined Heat and Power) systems, the controller intelligently deploys the devices at interesting power prices.


Cell balancing

Cell Balancing

For more sophisticated networks, the supply and demand of heat and cold in a cluster can be optimally balanced for increased energy efficiency.




Find out about the test results of the different control strategies here (D3.3 STORM controller evaluation report and D5.1 Final report on the performance of the STORM controller).