Workshop: Do you also get energy from the neighbours?

You are cordially invited to the first training workshop on digitalisation in district heating and cooling, organised in the framework of the STORM project!

It will take place on 24 November from 14:00 – 16:00 at Kantoor Contour in Heerlen, the Netherlands.

The workshop is jointly organised by Mijnwater BV and Zuyd Hogeschool, both STORM project partners.



Due to the transition to another energy supply, heating and cooling of buildings (including housing) will eventually take place in another way. Increasing insulation measures will grow the need for cooling. Heating and cooling via heat and cold networks is one of the alternatives. During this interactive workshop you will understand  the newest generation of intelligent heat and cooling networks. We also want to get an answer to the question: what is the added value of producing  heat and cold networks for end users (for example residents).


Who should attend?

Citizens, professionals, SMEs, Local authorities and Students



Eric Curfs (Zuyd Hoogeschool), Tjalle Fijlstra (Zuyd Hoogeschool), Carlo Guidici (Zuyd Hoogeschool), Eric Hamers (Zuyd Hoogeschool), René Verhoeven (Mijnwater BV)


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