FLEXYNETS Webinar featuring the STORM project and other fellow projects

The Webinar Cold water district heating and cooling systems as flexible exergy exchange systems – a promising concept for the future?, organised by fellow H2020 project FLEXYNETS, will take place on Wednesday 10th of May at 10.00 – 12:00.

STORM coordinator Johan Desmedt will present the project and explain the added value of the STORM controller for DHC networks.

The webinar was led by Roberto Fedrizzi (Eurac Research, project coordinator), Dirk Pietruschka (Enisyst) and Daniel Trier (Planenergi),



FLEXYNETS introduction and project overview                              Roberto Fedrizzi (EURAC)

FLEXYNETS – cold DHC networks integration in the built environment                  Daniel Trier (Planenergi)

H-Disnet – a thermo-chemical technology for loss free heat transportation and storage             Philipp Geyer (KU Leuven)

FLEXYNETS CONTROL – the intelligent interaction of distributed energy sources and sinks          Dirk Pietruska (Enisyst)

STORM – a Smart District Heating & Cooling Networks Controller                             Johan Desmedt (VITO/EnergyVille) 

FLEXYNETS TRADING – economic analysis in cold water district heating networks         Roberto Fedrizzi (EURAC)


Final questions and conclusions                                        Roberto Fedrizzi (EURAC)


The full recorded webinar is available here: