First two Training Workshops Held Successfully in Belgium and the Netherlands

The aim of the training courses was to increase awareness of the need for smart control of energy networks and the improvements created by the innovative controlling strategies, developed during the STORM project. The training was targeted education institutions, students, grid operators and SMEs active in the energy sector.

First STORM workshop on digitalisation in DHC during FUTURUM

The first training has been organised during the larger event FUTURUM, a festival on the future of the region of Limburg where knowledge is shared and talents developed. It was therefore a great privilege to present the STORM solution and smart district heating and cooling as future for the region and beyond.
During the training workshop, lectures were given on “STORM project and Energy sources”, “Energy at home history and future DHC networks”, “Energy in Europe and in The Netherlands, situation, legislation and future opportunities” as well as the “Mijnwater STORM demonstration case”.
During the workshop, participants from PXL Hogeschool (lecturers and students) expressed their interest to organise a training in Hasselt and to plan the use of the Syllabus developed in Storm for the Curriculum of their students. Based on this discussion, the second workshop was organised.

Second STORM workshop during PXL Hogeschool’s Tech Sustainability Week

On 7 February, the STORM consortium organised a technical workshop on control of district heating and cooling systems in the framework of the EarlyTech Business Meets Science: Smart Heating & Cooling Systems during the PXL Hogeschool’s Tech Sustainability Week (Tech duurzaamheidsweek) 2018.

As a result of the training, STORM project partner Zuyd Hogeschool has been able to start a cooperation with PXL Hogeschool in Hasselt, Belgium. Representatives from the PXL Hogeschool to plan the use of the Syllabus developed in Storm for the Curriculum of their students.


More trainings are currently under preparation and will be announced here!